Coffee Talk: What are We Teaching Our Young Women? Does it Matter?

I am following Julie Pierce’s book review of Sheryl Sandberg’s best seller, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead with a Coffee Talk at Gifted for Leadership. Topic: What Are We Teaching our Young Women? Why the Church needs to Lean In to the Conversations Concerning Marriage and Singleness. Sip brew and joinContinue reading “Coffee Talk: What are We Teaching Our Young Women? Does it Matter?”

Saturday and the Sunday After the Verdict

I had been looking forward to last Saturday for quite some time. My best friends from college have both moved within driving distance so I can now get in my car and love on them and their children within a few short hours. I was looking forward to squeezing the waist of one of myContinue reading “Saturday and the Sunday After the Verdict”

Weekly Devotional: Remember and Give Thanks

God will remember you just like he remembered Joshua and the Israelites. He is concerned about you and the issues in your life. Likewise, God wants us to consciously remember him. If we show a little faith, he will get us across the “Jordan Rivers” that we may face. If we make God our top priority, we do not have to waste forty years or more before we see his promised blessings come to fruition in our lives. When God blesses our lives, even in an unexpected way, we ought to remember and be thankful.