A Wilderness Story: For Those Without Hope

I often find myself thinking about the injustices in America and how the church responds to them. Some individuals take opportunities to do what they can. Some churches are doing beautiful ministry to share the love and hope of Jesus, yet there are far too many who sit on the sidelines as spectators. Or worst,Continue reading “A Wilderness Story: For Those Without Hope”

A Wilderness Experience: Delusions, Delusions, Delusions

Fellow Redbud, Monica Selby, shares her wilderness experience today. May you be encouraged that you are not alone. Meditate on the truth of God’s Word. ————————————————————————————————- Until recent years, I was very delusional about the Biblical concept of the wilderness. When I read about the concept of “dark night of the soul,” I held aContinue reading “A Wilderness Experience: Delusions, Delusions, Delusions”

Wilderness: Cry to Jesus and LIVE!

Let’s get real for a moment, shall we? Sometimes I get frustrated with Christians pretending that all is well in the world and in life. Broken people walk into church every Sunday with fake smiles on their faces because they can’t bear that thought of telling the truth that they are not okay. They feelContinue reading “Wilderness: Cry to Jesus and LIVE!”