Leadership: Women Who Inspire

I was honored to interview Mae Cannon while attending The Justice Conference a couple weeks ago. I look forward to spending more time and hopefully learning from her in the coming months. Mae is a minister, writer, and academic who cares deeply about God’s heart for the poor and the oppressed. She is the authorContinue reading “Leadership: Women Who Inspire”

Leadership: God’s Women in the Boys Club

“Gifted to Lead” is the Book of the Month for our “God Cares about His Women” Series. Nancy Beach titles Chapter 2: Welcome to the Boys Club. This title resonates with all of the women who are leading in male dominated environments, and specifically speaks to the hearts of the women who are leading inContinue reading “Leadership: God’s Women in the Boys Club”

HOT TOPIC: ‘Scandal’ and Women’s Empowerment

I know some people get nervous concerning the topic of Women’s Empowerment. On one hand, we value the lives and contributions of women. On the one hand, “women’s rights” is the source of fighting and great debates. Women’s rights and their empowerment has become a ploy in almost every arena from politics and media toContinue reading “HOT TOPIC: ‘Scandal’ and Women’s Empowerment”