What we need now is Grace and Justice

In light of last week’s events, many are asking the questions, “What can I do now? Where must we go from here? What can my church and community do to move the conversation forward?”   I have been mostly silent online because my emotions were running high, and in the public arena I feel aContinue reading “What we need now is Grace and Justice”

My name is Natasha Robinson and I want to END Modern-Day Slavery!

Recently I have invited you and your church to participate in “Freedom Sunday” on SEPTEMBER 25, 2016 And I have also shared about a recent incident which highlighted the importance of educating the entire church on the issue of human-trafficking and modern-day slavery. Let’s Talk about Sex: When Pastors Enslave Today, I want you toContinue reading “My name is Natasha Robinson and I want to END Modern-Day Slavery!”

Leadership and Power

“No one grows powerful in this life without God.” That’s a quote from my study Bible this morning. I’m near the end of reading 2 Chronicles where the records of the kings of Judah are recorded. Though better than their northern brethren in Israel, many of these kings faltered or wandered away from the Lord.Continue reading “Leadership and Power”