Choose Kindness

An Outreach Magazine Article (Published on November 10, 2021) LEAD ON PURPOSE Growing up in the South, certain activities naturally brought people together. I remember the large yellow ribbons that hung on my neighbors’ front porches to show their support for the troops who were fighting in Iraq. My uncle served in the U.S. ArmyContinue reading “Choose Kindness”

Living Life in the Spirit

An Outreach Magazine Article (Published October 15, 2021) While reading through the end of John’s Gospel recently, I noticed how the disciples are in a grieving and fearful tight huddle until the resurrected Jesus comes to dwell among them. He gives them an assignment: “I am sending you.”  Then Jesus does something miraculous. With theContinue reading “Living Life in the Spirit”

Encouragement for Weary Leaders

An Outreach Magazine Article (Published July 6, 2021) As I revisit the Exodus narrative, I am drawn again to the many leadership lessons we can learn in the wilderness. God does some of his best work when we are in the wilderness. If we surrender to it, the experience can prepare us for the workContinue reading “Encouragement for Weary Leaders”