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Welcome Friends,

I want you to be aware that the views expressed on this blog are by me alone and are from a Judeo-Christian prospective.  What does that mean?

Simply put: as a result of my acceptance of Jesus Christ, I believe that I am an heir to the promises of God as outlined in the Old Testament.  I also believe in the one God identified in the Holy Bible, and the moral commandments that he has outlined in the scriptures for the benefit of those who love him.  I believe that one and only, true and living God has also revealed himself to us through the life, death, and resurrection of his son, Jesus Christ, and the work of the Holy Spirit which is dwelling in those of us who believe in Christ.  It is only through our faith in the grace of God and the finished work of Jesus Christ that we are saved from our sinful, selfish nature and eternal separation from God after we physically depart from our lives on this earth.

As a Christian, I am a lover of all people.  As an American citizen, I respect a person’s right to accept different beliefs and to express those differences in a respectful way.  I want this to be a safe and inviting place for people to ask questions, contemplate, and loving share together in grace and peace.

I encourage dialog concerning the Christian faith.  When nonessential beliefs are in conflict, I ask that you please disagree without being rude, harsh, or overly critical. I make this request while sharing that I am an extrovert that has the gift of hospitality.  Generally, all people are invited to my home table to eat and fellowship. Therefore, I invite you to partake in conversation with the understanding that this is my blog, and any negative comments made simply to contradict the beliefs that I have identified previously or to intentionally hurt or disrespect others will be removed.  I expect all comments to be respectful of me, as your host, and to my other guests who comment on this blog.  Profane language will not be tolerated, and will also be deleted.

Writing has expanded my network of online community, therefore, it is preferred that you identify yourself (in opposed to remaining anonymous). Finally, I look forward to connecting with you.  Read. Have fun!  I hope see you soon.

Much Love, Natasha

© Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

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