Coffee Talk: Why I love North Carolina

 I am originally from South Carolina, but lived in North Carolina for the first three years of my military active duty career.  The last five years have been spent in the Maryland/DC area.  I’m so glad to be once again living in North Carolina…this feels like home to me.

 This week I was constantly reminded of what I love about North Carolina:

1.  On two separate occasions: Elderly women were invited to go to the front of the grocery line.

 2. That my daughter can sing about Jesus at the top of her lungs in a store, and people often smile and think that’s cute.

 3. That secular radio stations play gospel music for several hours during the weekday mornings.  A great way to start my day!

 That I spend more time living, and less time in my car and waiting in traffic.

4. That people go out of their way to open the door when you are entering a public building.

5. Where are you from?  What are the things that you like about your city, town or state?

A Call to Prayer


I started to blog for several reasons.  I won’t list all of them right now, but we have already discussed one of the reasons – To become a better writer.  I also wanted to take advantage of the free opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sure, there are a ton of websites that share scriptures and biblical teaching concerning the great commission.  However, I wanted to share how God reveals himself in the day-to-day lives of ordinary people like me.  In writing and sharing, I expected and looked forward to the opportunity to give… 

            I did not know what to expect in return.  Maybe I would receive a comment or two, but I did not expect to receive anything of significant value and certainly not right away.  I have been surprised by the way my heart has been stirred in these few short weeks of sharing with my friends.  I paid attention to my surroundings before, but now I am more aware.  When I am excited about blessings or become shaken by the harsh realities of life, I want to know: What God is saying? What he is doing? How is he revealing himself to us, and how should we respond?  I always want to respond by doing something…ANYTHING.  If I can, I should at least try to do something, right?  Are you following our book study? 

Here is the problem: Sometimes I don’t know what to do, or feel as if I can do nothing at all.  Both thoughts make me quite uneasy.  I can’t rescue all of the impoverish children from their slums, or the women that are trafficked all over the world from their pimps, or all of the American children that are stuck in the sometimes vicious foster care system (and I won’t address the travesty occurring in our public school system).  So I began to ask the Lord, “What can I do?” 

The response is a simple call to prayer. 

I can ask God to show his love and grace in these difficult situations.  I can trust that he will show me what to do, even if I am only responsible to pray.  For me, this has been the first hidden blessing of blogging.  Over the past couple years I have had a desire to enhance my commitment to prayer.  I pray daily, but sometimes get too distracted with the busyness of life to commit the necessary time that I feel prayer is due.  I was thinking that I needed to devote all of this time to prayer during my personal bible study or directly before bedtime.  This was a misconception on my part.  When the “allotted” time presented itself for prayer, some requests would sadly and accidently fall by the wayside.  We have extended the church bulletin and Sunday school requests to include our phone lines, email accounts, and who would have thought even Facebook, as regular mediums for prayer requests.  Prayer requests are constantly flowing in, and I do not want to miss the opportunities to pray. 

I wanted to avoid those “accidents” so I began to pray right away.  Read email – Pray.  End phone conversation – Pray.  Read the news – Pray.  Check Facebook – Pray.  Enter the bloggers world – Pray.  Check Twitter – DEFINITELY pray (Side note: Gaga has the most followers on there).  So I am paying more attention and praying more frequently, “Thank you, Blog!”  Thank you for joining me on this journey.  Let us pray, shall we…

Natasha’s Study: SDWSC Chapter 3

SDWSC Official Homepage

Scripture Reference: Gospel of John 12: 1-7, Matthew 26: 6-13, Mark 14: 3-9

Discussion Point 3: “She was a specific woman with a specific story who acted out of the particulars of her life” Elisa Morgan, page 19

My Declaration – I am a specific woman who acts out of the particulars of my life.  We will discuss those particulars in the weeks, months, and years that are ahead, but let’s focus on today (which was actually yesterday, but I’m posting today).  Today’s actions were specific to my being a Christian, a Mom, a Businesswoman, a Wife, a Sister-in-law, and a Writer.  You see, I can always evaluate the things that I could have done or did not do today, but the importance of today is about the things that I did do.  Today, I set aside time to focus on my relationship with Jesus; I took time to balance our family budget and compare prices at the grocery store; I took time to love and parent my daughter, and I took time to write you.  Those are the things that I did and the ways that I gave today.  There was nothing glamorous about my day, but I took what I had and did what I could.    

We all have the ability to do the same.  The wonderful thing about you is that there is nobody else like you anywhere.  You were created in God’s image (in his likeness, creating you actually pleased him) and there is a specific purpose for your uniqueness.  Every experience in your life, including every heartache and headache, every test and trial, every hardship, triumph or success is for a purpose.  All of the particulars in your life are to be used to express love and thanksgiving to God. 

Today, due to unforeseen circumstances, I am a woman who took a leave of absence from work.  This leave period has allowed me to spend the majority of the day at home and the freedom to give of myself in other ways.  Today, I was the woman who made another woman’s day because I threw on a dress and flip flops to go to the grocery store with uncombed hair and ashy limbs.  I know that she was thinking, “Thank God I don’t look as bad as that woman.”  That’s okay for today.  That was enough.  I did what I could.          

On a "Good Presentation" Day (the opposite of today)

Today, I have offered prayers, along with songs of praise and adoration to God.  I have offered myself as mother, offered spinach to my body as nourishment, offered a phone call to one family member and one friend, offered several phone calls to my husband, and this one note to you. 

That’s my story.  I like the stories at the end of each chapter.  For the men who read this blog regularly (and I have discovered that there are several of them), I particularly love the shoe shining story at the end of this chapter.  So, this book is also for you.

The third time is a charm.  I know that you are reading the book, because you have told me so.  I’m just looking for one comment this week.  Come on; don’t make me have a discussion by myself.

What do you have to offer today?

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