Coffee Talk: Social Blunders

Dear Friends, I plan to have Coffee Talk on Thursdays, but since tomorrow is the first of the month, we will dedicate those special days to Jesus.  Therefore, we get to have Thursday’s Coffee Talk on Wednesday this week.


A few weeks ago I was talking to one of my new friends at church, and she expressed conviction over the content that was displayed on her Facebook page.  She had connected with several people from her past (old high school classmates, etc) through this social networking site, and was troubled that they would not know she was a Christian by the content that was displayed on her page.  I have heard the growing concerns associated with social networking.  How should we as Christians respond to this cyberspace phenomenon?  I encouraged her in the following manner:

  1. Do not feel compelled to accept or “connect” with everyone who wants to be your friend.  Just because you were associates or even friends in grade school, does not mean that they are entitled to the day-to-day happening of your current life, and are free to check out pictures of your special moments with your loved ones.  The “Ignore” button is an option, and that feature is your friend.
  2. Before accepting someone as a friend, check out their page first (if access is allowed).  You can generally tell if you want to reconnect with someone by the content, language, and pictures that are on their wall.
  3. If for some reason you connect with someone, and your gut begins to remind you that you made a HUGE mistake, there is a proper course of action, “Remove Connection.”  This is another excellent feature.
  4. Finally, the internet is a wonderful tool.  It is a quick way to conduct research, get the news, check the weather, visit places where you have never physically gone, and connect with friends.  However, it is also a quick way to give in to temptation and find oneself stuck in sin.  We have the ability to use even this tool to bring God glory, and we should.

 I am sure that the other social networking sites offer similar solutions.  Therefore, my dear friends, the encouragement for today is: “Just like cleaning up your email inbox or the voice messages on your phone, the solution to this problem is only a click away.” Are you clicking?

Natasha’s Study: SDWSC Introduction

A few months ago I read a book entitled, “She Did What She Could: Five Words of Jesus that will change your life,” in preparation for a speaking engagement with a MOPS group.  I loved the book because it challenges the reader to STOP, take a look around to see the world, and then respond accordingly.  It’s as simple as that…See a need and do what you can to fix the problem or at least lighten someone else’s load.

In addition to meeting practical needs, there are other practical benefits of the book.  It is cheap!  The book can be purchased in most book locations for $10 or less.  It is small – so you can throw it in your purse or bag and read it in route to and from any location.  It is a quick read.  Each chapter is approximately 3-5 pages in length.  The book is not “churchy,” so it is a great start for those that are being introduced to the gospel message.  The book reveals what true acceptance, love, and worship look like in action. 

Since we are in the midst of the summer months, I am aware that several churches are taking sabbaticals from bible studies and small group gatherings.  Our leaders need to be refreshed too.  Hmm.  I wonder if book clubs take breaks during the summer months.  I bet that’s when they really get started.       

Here is a very short video introduction for the book:

An interview with the author, Elisa Morgan, concerning the book can be found at:

In the months leading up to and while reading this book, I discovered that:

I CAN take twenty minutes to write a handwritten note (not send an email, or text, or Facebook message) to a friend sharing how much I love her, and sending a word of encouragement to surprise her in the mail.

            I CAN pick up the phone to call a family member or friend, who I know needs to be reminded that God loves her and I love her.  I can call just for the comfort of hearing her voice and having her hear mine.  I can then be quiet to listen as she shares her heart.

                        I CAN be still.  I can reject the idea that I have to be busy or even productive all of the time.  I can take the time to blow bubbles with my daughter, or cuddle to watch a movie with my husband, or take a nice long walk for my health, or I can simply choose to do nothing at all (and use that time to reflect on God and the peace that he can bring to my life).

It’s a long weekend.  Please run out and pick up the book.  Let’s chat about Chapter 1 on next Tuesday.  Invite your friends to come along.  It’s summertime and there’s nothing better to do than kick back with a good read; let’s take on this challenge together. 

I have shared what I can do (for starters).  How about you?

Man in the Mirror

I cannot believe that it is the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death!  With all of the tributes taking place during this award season, we are continually reminded that he is gone.  Many know him for the legacy of music and dance that he left behind.  There are many imitators, but Michael Jackson was the original.  He grew to be a troubled man, but he was a human being.  So many people loved him.  I loved him. 

I grew up listening to his music.  My cousins and I would sing his songs at the top of our lungs, as we danced uncontrollably around my grandparents’ home.  As a child, I remember kids wearing the black and silver or white and hot pink L.A. Gear high top sneakers with the glitter shoe strings – a tribute to Michael Jackson.  We also wore the silver gloves (of course) and the pleather jackets with the silver spikes (a tribute to the Thriller music video). 


While I like some of the music videos better than the songs themselves, there are several of his classics that I truly enjoy.  Some of my favorite MJ songs are Rock With You, You are Not Alone, Butterflies, and Heal the World.  His song entitled, “Man in the Mirror” is somewhere in my top two favorites.  After listening to it over and over, and finally learning all of the lyrics as a child, my heart beckoned to answer the question, “What can I do?”

The power of the song drew me in, demanding a response:

I’m gonna make a change, for once in my life

It’s gonna feel real good, it’s gonna make a difference

Gonna make it right…

I see the kids on the street, without enough to eat

Who am I to be blind? Pretending not to see there needs…

I’ve been a victim of, a selfish kind of love,

It’s time that I realize, there are some with no home

Without a nickel to loan, could it be really me

Pretending that they’re not alone?

They follow each other on the wind ya know, ‘cause they got no where to go.

They follow each other on the wind ya see, ‘cause they got no place to be.

That’s why I’m starting with me; I’m STARTING WITH THE MAN IN THE MIRROR.

I’m asking him to change his ways

And no message could have been any clearer,

If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at YOURSELF and make a change.

This past year, my family and I consciously made two decisions to change. 

  1. We adopted a child from Compassion International. – You can adopt a child for the amount of money that it costs the average American to purchase two coffees a week.
  2. We recycle faithfully.  – It is quite an easy thing for me to do actually.  I drink water from my plastic containers, empty the oatmeal and cereal boxes, and stack the recycle products on the floor by the garage door.  Once a week, my husband comes behind me to pick up the recyclables, stack them in a can, and roll them to the end of the street.  When I am out and about, I carry the recycled products from my bag to my car and eventually they make it to the same floor in the corner by the garage door. 

That’s what we have done after looking at ourselves in the mirror this past year.  This year, we will take another look. 

How about you?  Have you, will you, make a change?

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