refuse to do nothing

Authors: Shayne Moore and Kimberly McOwen Yim

Refuse to do Nothing Chapter Summary Post

Refuse to do Nothing Bible Study (free resource)

reconciliation bluesAuthor: Edward Gilbreath

Reconciliation Blues Summary Post: Evangelical Points to Ponder

Bloodlines book cover

Author:Mark Labberton

The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor Summary Post 

Church Diversity Book coverAuthor: Scott Williams

Church Diversity Discussion Summary

Bloodlines book cover

Author: C.J. Mahaney

Humility Summary Post


Bloodlines book cover

Author:John Piper

Bloodlines Summary Post

John Piper’s Desiring God Official Page


Author: Carolyn Custis James 

The Gospel of Ruth Summary

Author: Timothy Keller October - December 2010

Counterfeit Gods Discussion Summary

Official Timothy Keller Website

Gifted to Lead photo

Author: Nancy Beach

Gifted to Lead Discussion Summary Post

Author: David Platt

Radical Summary Post

David Platt’s “Radical” Official Page

Author: Randy Alcorn

The Treasure Principle Summary Post

Randy Alcorn’s Official Page

Author: Elisa Morgan

She Did What She Could Summary Post

Elise Morgan’s Official Page

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