A Personal Request

Today I have a personal request. My friends, Chris (Naval Academy classmate) and Erin Wallace, have sought the Lord for a long time and decided to adopt a child from the Democratic Republic of Congo. What started out as a loving journey of conviction has been deepened by what seems to be an endless amount of suffering and injustice. While they have met all requirements and the paperwork for their daughter’s adoption is officially complete, their daughter has not yet received exit papers which allows her to leave her home country. As a result, Erin spent several months in the DRC with their youngest daughter Lainey, while her husband, Chris, remained state side with their two older children. Several events has led the family to bring the other children to the DRC with Erin and little Lainey. As a result, Erin are raising the three children in the Congo while Chris continues to serve our country as a Navy Officer and advocate for his family. They are already working with the Embassy, maintain their trust in God, and desire to reconnect their entire family at soon as their government allows.

Please check out the video below to hear their story and sign the petition to bring them all home:

Sign the petition to #BringLaineyHome: http://www.petition2congress.com/14960/please-help-resolve-pending-adoptions-from-democratic-republic-co/

See pictures of their beautify family and read more about their story at Erin’s official website:   http://tinytwistcreative.com/

Justice: Rescue Orphans

Jamie Rohrbaugh headshotPlease join me in welcoming Jamie Rohrbaugh to the blog today as she shares her heart about rescuing orphans:

Have you ever felt rejected? Have you felt like you don’t fit in anywhere, and that you have no one to love you? Have you ever felt like you’ve been forgotten?

I spent most of my young life being tortured by all of those horrible feelings. However, after I met Jesus at age 21, I came to know that I am a beloved child of my Papa God. I am a member of a spiritual family; a daughter, not a spiritual orphan.

However, there are many in this world today who have no way of receiving that same healing—because they ARE orphans. They have no parents, and no one to show them the love of Jesus.

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“She Looks Sad.”

This is my daughter. She is happy, spunky, and fashionable. She loves her dad and wants to be just like her mom. She is a leader, great helper, and encourager. She likes to dance and read. She enjoys time with her friends and thinks everyone in the world loves her. I have to remind her sometimes that the world does not revolve around her. We talk about America and education, our blessings and the poor. She is compassionate and generous. She is beginning to understand responsibility. When I think about my daughter, I see a young girl who is confident, healthy, strong, smart, and with endless possibilities. Then often become heartbroken for all the children in the world, especially the girls, who do not share her reality and therefore, have no part in the promising future that likely awaits her.

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