Wilderness: Deliverance & Why We Can’t Do It on Our Own

In Part 1 of this mini-series, I asked the question, “Can Christians be “addicted” to sin?” and presented my conviction, based on the definition of addiction and freedom found for the believer in the scriptures, that Christians cannot be addicted.


There are two critical reasons why I believe this position is so important:

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Wilderness: Addictions and Deliverance

This week, I will focus on a four-part mini-series concerning addictions and deliverance.

One visitor that has arrived on my porch to visit my family, knocked on the door, and stayed far too long is “Addiction.” My family, like so many others, have suffered at the hands of every “common” addiction: drugs, alcohol, food, cigarettes, and pornography. On far too many occasions, I have personally witnessed the spiritual and physical decline of those loved ones who indulged and literally died with their idols of choice.


It breaks my heart when I know God has something so much better for his children. All sin breaks God’s heart, yet there is much biblical support that God is especially grieved when his own children willfully continue in sin when he has offered them freedom in Christ.

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