Coffee Talk: Troubled Minds and the Church’s Mission

Amy Simpson photoSometimes we don’t want to talk about hard things. Then something like a September 11th or a Rwanda genocide crisis or the reality of those violently subjected to human trafficking comes right to our doorstep to remind us that we are not invincible and we are in desperate need of God’s grace…and such is the case with the topic of mental illness. The Sandy Hook murders and suicidal death of Mega-church pastor, Rick Warren’s son has brought the topic of mental illness to the church’s doorsteps and we can no longer avoid the conversation. Since I’m no expert on the topic, I have invited my writing friend and Gifted for Leadership editor, Amy Simpson, to educate us about mental illness. In her new book, Troubled Minds, she shares the mental struggles of a person she deeply loves, her mom. In this post, Amy answers the questions: What should we look for? What can we do to embrace our brothers and sisters who are suffering in this way? What does their suffering teach us about ourselves and the gospel?

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God Has His Eyes on Women, So We Should Keep Our Eyes on Him

As I round out this month’s God Cares About His Women Series on Good Friday, it is only fitting that we rest at the feet of the cross. Women met Christ at the cross. Matthew’s account of the gospel records that “many women were there, watching from a distance. They had followed Jesus from Galilee to care for his needs (Matt. 27:55).”

From the beginning of time and what we refer to as the Christian faith, God had his eyes on women and women had their eyes on him. It has been my honor to share the stories of women of Christian faith throughout the Church’s history, and those who are sharing in their legacy today. I lock arms with them to stand against the schemes of the evil one and proclaim the good news that Jesus saves!

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Stop all the Fighting: Leadership is About Gifts & Giving

I wanted to close out our Gifted to Lead discussion by featuring the voice of a woman with whom I share a passion. Amy Simpson understands that women are gifted to lead for God’s glory alone. Through her writing and editing at Christianity Today’s Gifted for Leadership, she leads and encourages women on this great journey. 

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