My Journey to Racial Reconciliation

Journey to Reconciliation

I have intentionally been on this journey to reconciliation for a little more than eight years. It began with a simple decision of convenience. I was serving on active duty in the military, my husband had a job that required a lot of driving, we had a new baby, and were without a church home. The last thing I wanted to do on Sunday mornings was drive any distance to attend worship service. We visited a Bible-teaching church five minutes from our home and stayed. The congregation was made up of middle aged to elderly white people and we were on a very short list of racial and ethnic minority church members.

This scenario may strike some people as a surprise but being in the minority was not much different than any other college or work experience I had in all of my adult life until that point. You show up, take care of business, and go back home. Nobody talked about race or injustice. We sat in that place of worship where the Bible was preached with no connection to the community concerns and no relevance for the pressing issues of the day. During that time, I actually had more sacred worship experiences at work.

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Mentoring Monday: Are You Aware?

Times a changin’ folks. I smiled this week as my daughter danced in the living room to the jams of Earth, Wind, and Fire. I smiled because she was so happy and because she is a pretty good dancer, but I also smiled because she was enjoying music from my mother’s generation. In some small way, this sentiment connects the two of them and all of us.

Mentoring Culture 29SEPT2014

My daughter and her dancing came to mind as I sat in a bowling alley this weekend and watched several videos featuring teeny boppers and millennials, most of whom I had never seen or heard of before. She doesn’t know these bands or their songs. She may not ever know them but it was interesting for me to watch and listen to because I enjoy music, and I saw the artistic changes that comes with the passing of time.

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Biblical Justice Series Summary

Natasha Robinson-Justice photoWelcome to the Justice Series

The Theology of Justice:

What’s the Big Deal about Justice? by Dr. Paul Louis Metzger

“No Jesus, No Justice” by Andy Crouch

What is Biblical Justice? by Dr. Paul Louis Metzger

#Justice: Don’t Give Up! (The Holy Spirit and Justice)

Injustices in Our Theology by Drew Miller (featuring Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil)

Mentoring & God’s Heart for Justice (an interview with Stephan Bauman, CEO of World Relief)

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