Coffee Talk about “Shades of Mercy”

Ever since I completed my Racial Reconciliation blog series last year, I have been more attentive to the voices of my neighbors who are of a different race or ethnicity, particularly my American Indian, Asian American, Hispanic American, and immigrant neighbors because I do not get to intimately engage these neighbors on a daily basis.Continue reading “Coffee Talk about “Shades of Mercy””

“Christians Celebrating Black History” Series Summary

It’s been an honor to share from an African American perspective and encourage racial reconciliation through open dialog concerning race, ethnic, and cultural differences this month. I trust we will continue the conversation and champion the unity of all God’s people for the sake of his kingdom and to advance his great purposes throughout theContinue reading ““Christians Celebrating Black History” Series Summary”

Moody Part 3: Why Don’t We Want to Talk About Race in the Church?

Since the “Racial Reconciliation” feature on Moody’s Midday Connection earlier this month, I have been continuing the race conversation with weekly dialog on the blog concerning issues that were raised through the broadcast. Thus far, we have answered the question, “Why Pursue Racial Reconciliation,” and discussed the issue of Race and Politics in the Church.Continue reading “Moody Part 3: Why Don’t We Want to Talk About Race in the Church?”