Why Continue the Racial Reconciliation Conversation? Part 1

Earlier this week I participated in a radio conversation on Moody’s Midday Connection to discuss the topic of Racial Reconciliation. When Trillia Newbell and I first spoke to the Moody’s audience last month, we barely scratched the surface on the topic. Many emails flooded the host’s inbox after our show, so she asked us toContinue reading “Why Continue the Racial Reconciliation Conversation? Part 1”

News Announcement: Racial Reconciliation on the Radio

Brothers and Sisters, Trillia Newbell and I will be joining Anita Lustrea and Melinda Schmidt at Moody’s Midday Connection to discuss the racial reconciliation series. Our live interview will air on Tuesday, January 8 at noon central time. You can listen in on the broadcast by visiting the http://www.moodyradio.org/middayconnection/ at that time and click theContinue reading “News Announcement: Racial Reconciliation on the Radio”

Mentoring Resources…Finally!

Long before my five part mentoring series, people have been asking me about mentoring resources. There simply was not much out there that impressed me (particularly for women). By now you know, I highly recommend Mentor Like Jesus by Regi Campbell. Additionally, I am listing several books which have been recommended to me. Please note:Continue reading “Mentoring Resources…Finally!”