Identity & Worship Speak into the Life of a Leader

I was honored to interview worship leader, Gail Song Bantum, of Quest Church in Seattle, Washington. Reverend Gail Song Bantum is the Worship and Executive Pastor at Quest Church in Seattle, Washington. She is passionate about leadership development and leads seminars in diverse contexts. This is what she had to say when we sat downContinue reading “Identity & Worship Speak into the Life of a Leader”

Reflections from Last Week

The past few weeks have been quite busy and I wanted to share some of my reflections. I spent most of last week in Long Beach, CA attending the Mosaix National Multi-cultural church conference. There were many highlights from the conference, but for me, a critical moment was hearing Dr. John Perkins deliver a messageContinue reading “Reflections from Last Week”

A Testimony about Grace, Compassion, & Reconciliation

I am still encouraging my readers and friends to sign the “Open Letter to the Evangelical Church” which was drafted by 80 Asian American leaders who call for a dialog concerning cultural insensitivities and the racial reconciliation needed in the American Church. My friend, Vivian Mabuni, shares her personal testimony about entering into the livesContinue reading “A Testimony about Grace, Compassion, & Reconciliation”