A Sojourner’s Truth Podcast: #GriefAND Celebration

This season of A Sojourner’s Truth podcast is brought to you by The Voices Collection of Our Daily Bread Ministries. Find out more at experiencevoices.org. Also, check out the “Where Ya From?” Podcast. Purchase my new release from ODBM The Voices Collection, Journey to Freedom, Discovering the God of Deliverance, An Exodus Bible study.  EpisodeContinue reading “A Sojourner’s Truth Podcast: #GriefAND Celebration”

I’m Back! A Sojourner’s Truth Podcast Relaunch #GriefAND

Hello Beautiful People, My goodness, it has been a while but I am pleased to report that I am finally back with Season 3 of A Sojourner’s Truth: Conversations for a Changing Culture podcast! For this extended season we are discussing the topic #GriefAND. This season of A Sojourner’s Truth podcast is brought to youContinue reading “I’m Back! A Sojourner’s Truth Podcast Relaunch #GriefAND”

Let’s Have a Honest Conversation

These past few months have offered much to contemplate and reflect upon. In addition to the coronavirus, the United States has been confronted again with the pandemic of racism. Racism is the flower the continues to bloom from the root of white supremacy that founded and has sustained this country. That’s the truth, and weContinue reading “Let’s Have a Honest Conversation”