Mentoring 105: Hope

Mentoring 105: Hope

We are continuing our mentoring series with the topic “Mentor for Hope.”

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One of my mentors recently emailed me about a public confession she made indicating the countless hours she spent in prayer and Bible study. I guess she was concerned that the statement would come across as self-righteous or prideful. I can’t be too sure but I responded to inform her that people need to see and hear about folks who are committed to basic spiritual disciplines like prayer and Bible study.

She is not the kind of woman who spends her life pinned up in a room for quiet time. However, the time she spends in this devotion informs everything else she does like being a care-giver, loving wife, serving her church and community, investing in the next generation, and being a generous giver.

Every day, I watch and hear about Christians living defeated lives. So often they walk in defeat because they don’t know who God is, they have not affirmed their identity in Christ, and they don’t know what tools to grab hold of when the enemy comes knocking at their door. It is hard, if not impossible, to remain hopeful if you constantly feel defeated.


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“Refuse to do Nothing” Bible Study #humantrafficking

refuse to do nothingAt the beginning of the year, we completed a chapter-by-chapter book discussion of Refuse to do Nothing: Finding your Power to Abolish Modern-day Slavery. Throughout the series, we learned basic facts about human trafficking or modern-day slavery. Including the following:

  • Human trafficking is the commercial exploitation of individuals through sex, labor, or both where force, fraud, and/or coercion are brought to bear in keeping victims locked into slavery.
  • Global Slavery Index estimates there are 29.8 million children, women, and men enslaved around the world today. It is estimated to be a $32 billion dollar industry.
  • Between 100,000 – 300,000 US children are estimated to be at risk to human trafficking; the average entry age into prostitution is between 11 and 13 years old.
  • Children represent 21% of all farm worker related deaths in the US.

I am still partnering with organizations like the International Justice Mission and World Relief to take a stand against this horrible crime and injustice.

Today, I am excited to report a new product to assist you in educating others. Intervarsity Press is now offering a FREE downloadable Bible Study Companion written by my fellow Redbud Writer, Catherine Carlson McNiel.

You can find the resource here:

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