#RacialRec: Bloodlines ~ Has the Cross Touched You?

Natasha to Trillia: Dr. Piper writes, “I think that one of the reasons some Christians have a hard time relating their Christianity to issues like racial and ethnic harmony and justice is that their view of what happens in conversion to Christ is superficial (160).” Do you agree with this statement? In what ways doesContinue reading “#RacialRec: Bloodlines ~ Has the Cross Touched You?”

#RacialRec: Bloodlines ~ Are We Partial to Our Own Tribes?

Part Two/Section One: The Accomplishment of the Gospel Natasha to Trillia: Dr. Piper makes a profound statement in Chapter Nine about the Doctrine (or teaching) of Racial Harmony. He writes that we desperately need a conviction “that all human beings, including me and you, are corrupt, depraved, guilty, and condemned. We are all under theContinue reading “#RacialRec: Bloodlines ~ Are We Partial to Our Own Tribes?”

#RacialRec: Bloodlines~Is It Only a Dream?

Part Two: Introduction: God’s Word: The Power of the Gospel Natasha to Trillia: Piper begins this introduction with a lessons learned, “If you wait until all your shortcomings are remedied, your dreams will die. All your advances are with a limp (109).” As I read and reflect almost daily, it is easy to get overwhelmedContinue reading “#RacialRec: Bloodlines~Is It Only a Dream?”