Can God Set a Table in the Wilderness?

I am so thankful that fellow Redbud, Margaret Philbrick, is sharing her wilderness experience today. This is such a pleasant remind that God does set a table for us in the wilderness, he does hear when we cry to him for help, and he will answer in his perfect time:

“Can God set a table in the wilderness?”  Psalm 78:19

10 years, that’s how long my wilderness experience has been.  Not really that long when compared to 40 years of Israelites wandering in the wilderness.  But when you’re in your 40’s and ten years is one quarter of your lifetime, it seems like a long time to be wandering in the wilderness, looking for a home.

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Wilderness: Live Broken

Somewhere around the fall of last year, God began speaking to my heart about the gravity of my own sin. It is not until we understand the gravity of our own sin and the mercy God has extended to us that we truly understand the grace we have received and that which he expects us to extend to others.

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