Mentoring Mondays: #Mentoring Children

MENTORING FOR GOD’S KINGDOM PURPOSES   It’s “Back to School” time! Here are two character traits to consider for the months of August/September: RESPECT  “Honor your mother and father so that you days may be long in the land the Lord God is giving you.” Exodus 20:12 “Do to others as you would have themContinue reading “Mentoring Mondays: #Mentoring Children”

Leadership: God’s Women in the Boys Club

“Gifted to Lead” is the Book of the Month for our “God Cares about His Women” Series. Nancy Beach titles Chapter 2: Welcome to the Boys Club. This title resonates with all of the women who are leading in male dominated environments, and specifically speaks to the hearts of the women who are leading inContinue reading “Leadership: God’s Women in the Boys Club”