Mentoring: Look Who’s Watching

1989 marked the movie release of the comedy “Look Who’s Talking” featuring superstars John Travolta, Kristie Alley, and Bruce Willis. The main character gets pregnant and gives birth to baby boy Mikey (with Bruce Willis providing his voice over). Together, movie watchers laughed out loud as Mikey’s words gave us the imagination to understand what babies are really thinking. Guess what? We conclude, from the movie, that babies might actually see and understand a lot more than we give them credit for.

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What’s Important to You?

I spent the weekend with a group of Christian women writers at a retreat in Chicago, IL. At the beginning of the retreat on Friday morning, we were asked to set our intentions for the weekend by identifying the specific thing(s) that we expected to receive from our time together or what words we hoped to hear from God. I simply set my intentions to listen. I looked forward to a weekend of being in one location with limited noise, no responsibly, and pulling away from the distractions of the internet and social media. I also looked forward to reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones. I wanted to see the faces of these women and hear their stories…what was God speaking to their hearts? What was their spiritual condition? What did they need? What did they expect from our writing community?

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