What Does Church Hospitality Look Like?

There is an old cereal commercial that begins by panning across a field of tall stalks of golden wheat. The viewers then see an image of a large family house and an intimate group of people running through the wheat fields to the home. Before the commercial ends, the narrator reminds us, “If you feedContinue reading “What Does Church Hospitality Look Like?”

Natasha’s Study: The Radical Disciple

Some Neglected Aspects of Our Calling Why I picked up this book: Since I am a blogger that regularly writes book reviews, I received this book from Intervarsity Press. Who Should Read The Radical Disciple: I recommend this book for any believer who cares about practically living out his or her Christian faith. It willContinue reading “Natasha’s Study: The Radical Disciple”

My Journey to Racial Reconciliation

I have intentionally been on this journey to reconciliation for a little more than eight years. It began with a simple decision of convenience. I was serving on active duty in the military, my husband had a job that required a lot of driving, we had a new baby, and were without a church home.Continue reading “My Journey to Racial Reconciliation”