Mentoring Monday: Discipleship According to Jesus

Happy Mentoring Monday everyone! I primarily write about mentoring from the perspective of intentional discipleship. The focus of mentoring as intentional discipleship is holistic, and this practice is a necessary for the church. Christianity Today just released a training tool about holistic discipleship in small groups. My work is featured in an article titled,Continue reading “Mentoring Monday: Discipleship According to Jesus”

Leadership: Diversity in Community Changes Us

When I posted “I Go to Church with White People” on my blog, I was nervous. It was the first piece I’d written about racial issues. As an African American woman raised in the black church in South Carolina, my choice to worship at a predominantly white church was not normal. God, however, opened myContinue reading “Leadership: Diversity in Community Changes Us”

Dear White Brothers & Sisters: Why #BlackLivesMatter Must Matter to You

On Tuesday, a grand jury decided not to indict the police officer who choked an unarmed African American male, Eric Garner, to death in July. Garner was being arrested for selling cigarettes and not paying taxes. After being wrestled to the ground by several police using an unauthorized technique, Mr. Garner’s final words were, “IContinue reading “Dear White Brothers & Sisters: Why #BlackLivesMatter Must Matter to You”