#RacialRec: Bloodlines Summary ~ Assess, Believe, and Change

As I close with a summary of our Bloodlines discussion, I want to first thank Trillia for sharing her insights, personal experiences, and convictions to this conversation. I thank her for raising her voice as an African American woman, wife, mother, and disciple of Jesus Christ. Dr. Piper closes the book with several appendices, oneContinue reading “#RacialRec: Bloodlines Summary ~ Assess, Believe, and Change”

#RacialRec: Making a Transformation

One of the churches @ScottWilliams highlights in his book, Church Diversity, is Transformation Church, Charlotte, NC where Pastor Derwin Gray is senior pastor. Williams quotes Pastor Gray: Multi-ethnic church is not in addition to the gospel, it is a result of the gospel (128). Pastor Gray launched Transformation with a desire to pastor a multi-ethnic,Continue reading “#RacialRec: Making a Transformation”

#RacialRec: What’s this Series Really About?

As we wrap up the first part of this series this week, I want to remind everyone why we are having this conversation. Why talk about diversity, race, or racism? Why talk about these issues in the church?