500 Years after the Reformation

From the Mosaix website: October 31, 1517, is traditionally considered the day that German priest and scholar Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses for consideration at All Saints’ Church (more commonly, Castle Church), in Wittenberg, Germany. Legend suggests that he did so by nailing them to the church door, although this cannot be proven. InContinue reading “500 Years after the Reformation”

#RacialRec: American Slavery, Neglected Voices, & History of the Church

Before featuring current voices from the church, I thought it important to look at the implications of race and ethnicity across church history. My church history professor, Dr. Donald Fairbairn, is an excellent resource. Dr. Fairbairn received his undergraduate degree from Princeton, M.Div from Denver Seminary, and Ph.D. from Cambridge. He is the Robert E.Continue reading “#RacialRec: American Slavery, Neglected Voices, & History of the Church”