Book Review: A Woman’s Place

Why I picked up this book: I’ve written for Christianity Today since 2010, specifically focusing on leadership, reconciliation, culture and the church, and challenges facing women. Therefore, I eagerly awaited the release of the former managing editor of CT magazine, Katelyn Beaty’s leadership book for women. Who Should Read A Woman’s Place: This book isContinue reading “Book Review: A Woman’s Place”

FREE Webinar: How to Create a Leadership Pipeline for Men and Women in your Church

I’m thrilled to partner with my publisher, Zondervan, and Missio Alliance to offer a free webinar this Thursday, October 20, 2016 from 2:00-3:00 pm EST! While many churches are looking for opportunities to engage women and men in leadership, they often run into a big roadblock: the women and men in their congregations have notContinue reading “FREE Webinar: How to Create a Leadership Pipeline for Men and Women in your Church”

Mentoring as a Leadership Factory

I’m thrilled to share my first article from Outreach Magazine. It features excerpts from “Mentor for Life” and explains how mentoring is an effective tool that benefits mentors, mentees, and the organizations in which they work and serve. Who wouldn’t want to join a positive, ever-growing movement that has proved successful? As we re-evaluate ourContinue reading “Mentoring as a Leadership Factory”