Mentoring 104: Peace

We are continuing our mentoring series with the topic “Mentor for Peace.” Don’t miss out on Parts 1 through 3: Mentoring 101: Freedom, Mentoring 102: Mentor for Joy, and Mentoring 103: Love. Let’s review some basics: What is mentoring? Mentoring is a trusted partnership where people share wisdom that fosters spiritual growth and leads toContinue reading “Mentoring 104: Peace”

The Great Righteousness-#Justice Divide

It is my honor to introduce for the first time on A Sista’s Journey, Deborah P. Brunt. The Great Righteousness-Justice Divide Righteousness and justice are inextricably linked. We cannot simultaneously choose for one and against the other. The Old Testament repeatedly connects the two terms, affirming them as complementary qualities of God’s nature and ofContinue reading “The Great Righteousness-#Justice Divide”