Wilderness: Get Out of It!

In discussing the wilderness over the past couple months, we have focused on how God uses the wilderness to shape the hearts of leaders.  We did a mini-series on those with addictions and how their life choices cause them to live in the wilderness. Today, with a brief overview of Isaiah 59, we will seeContinue reading “Wilderness: Get Out of It!”

Wilderness: Deliverance & Why We Can’t Do It on Our Own

After accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, the next real step to deliverance from addiction is acknowledging that you need God’s help and cannot make it on your own. Trying harder to not sin will not cut it. Having a desire for God to change you, will. God is in the business of miraculously changing people and their hearts when they come to him for deliverance. Earnestly praying for the Holy Spirit to do this work in confidence is a bold first step!