#RacialRec: Extend Grace to the White Man

Neglected Voices in the Church Summary

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThroughout this series, I have purposely referred to the “white man” or the “white tribe” signaling the great divide between the dominate culture and everyone else in America. In spite of the drastic changes in racial and ethnic demographics in this country, white males in many cases remain “gate keepers” in positions of power which determine who are the haves and have-nots, whose voices are worthy of attention, who gets a seat at the table, and how our stories are told. We see this everywhere from the corporate offices, to school buildings, university campuses, church denominations, publication, media and broadcasting…but if the political climate is any indication, the tide is quickly turning.

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“She’s Got Issues” Review

I was so excited to interview Nicole Unice at the launch of her first traditionally published book, She’s Got Issues: Seriously Good News for the Stressed-out, Secretly Scared Control Freaks Like Us. I wanted to read and post a book review right away, but I also took three classes this summer. Reality has set in and I have read 19 school books (and they are not small) since I posted Nicole’s interview in June. So I publicly apologize to Nicole and Tyndale for my delay in reviewing.

In the book, Nicole uses her counseling, ministry, and personal experiences to address the top five issues that affect women—control, insecurity, comparisons, fear, and anger (which also includes unforgiveness). In her writing, Nicole draws on the truths of scripture without brow beating or being preachy. She breaks down these very serious topics and puts them in the face of scripture in a manner that is digestible for the reader.

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A Wilderness Experience: Wrestling in my Heart on Vacation

Sometimes we get lost in the ordinary and lose sight of what God is trying to teach us in the wilderness. Fellow Redbud writer, Dorothy Greco, shares her heart struggles revealed on while on vacation. She’s real when openly and honestly writing about flexibility and resilience, blame and shaming, control and idolatry. We all struggle with these conflicts of the heart. (Well, at least I do.) Dorothy reminds us that God shapes us when we surrender to him in prayer.


During the plane ride home from our two week trip, I pondered how I might respond to the inevitable question that would be asked upon re-entry: “How was your vacation?”


I could simply, and honestly, answer, “It was great!” And indeed, it was wonderful, playful, fabulous. But if sufficient trust existed between us, I would also add, “And it was, at times, disappointing.” Clashing desires and numerous surprises resulted in a residue of disappointment that I simply could not clean off the windshield.

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