#RacialRec: Extend Grace to the White Man

Neglected Voices in the Church Summary Throughout this series, I have purposely referred to the “white man” or the “white tribe” signaling the great divide between the dominate culture and everyone else in America. In spite of the drastic changes in racial and ethnic demographics in this country, white males in many cases remain “gateContinue reading “#RacialRec: Extend Grace to the White Man”

#RacialRec: Is Your Church a Credible Witness for Christ?

That’s the question of this hour. Perhaps of equal importance is the question, “Am I a credible witness for Christ?” I have referenced John 17:20-23 and 2 Cor. 5:14-20 several times throughout this series because in those passages, the Bible is clear that unity and reconciliation among all believers in Christ sends a message toContinue reading “#RacialRec: Is Your Church a Credible Witness for Christ?”