Warning: You May Have to Go Through This to Find Grace

Water. That’s the theme that has been reoccurring over the past few weeks. This water is not living, pure drinking water from easy flowing foundations but violent, dangerous, troubled waters that are sure to take you under if you are not careful. These violent waters are not uncommon for those of us who have beenContinue reading “Warning: You May Have to Go Through This to Find Grace”

The Dangers of Pride

Book Discussion: “Humility” by C.J. Mahaney  Last Tuesday we discussed The Perils of Pride, and today we wrap up Chapter 2 by discussing The Dangers of Pride. From last week’s post, we saw that pride can take on many forms. However, a prideful heart “has only one end: self-glorification…The proud person seeks to glorify himselfContinue reading “The Dangers of Pride”