Jesus: Deliverer!

DELIVERER! That’s often the word that comes to mind when I think of Jesus particularly during the month of February, Black History Month in the United States. Black History Month was formally acknowledged by the federal government in 1976. It was a time to celebrate the history and contributions of African Americans from slavery time to the present.

Growing up in the Black Church, we were always reminded of how God delivered our people from slavery, through the Civil Rights Movement and unjust Jim Crow laws, and beyond. The suffering and oppression of African Americans was often linked to God’s hand and deliverance of his chosen people, Israel in the Old Testament. God’s deliverance of the Israelites from their sufferings at the hands of Pharaoh in Egypt provided African Americans with hope and inspiration that God would also deliver them. The understanding of God’s miraculous power, faith, hope and His promises were at the core of many Negro spirituals.

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Wilderness: Deliverance…We all Need A Community

For this discussion of addiction and deliverance, we have asked important questions in Part 1, shared the mighty promise and power of the Holy Spirit in Part 2, and encouraged you to say “Yes” to God in Part 3.

In this final post of the mini-series, we discuss the importance of building a community.

God made it clear from the very beginning of creation that “It is not good for man to be alone (Gen. 2:18).”


Isolation is one of the first steps the enemy uses to put people in bondage. When people are alone or lonely, it is easy for the enemy to convince them of lies.

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Wilderness: Deliverance…Say “Yes”

In Part 1 of the mini-series, we considered whether or not a Christian can be addicted. Part 2 outlined why we need the Holy Spirit and how he works to deliver people from sin. In this segment, we will look at what the Bible refers to as the heart or the will of a person.


Question: Is there a desire for transformation? A desire to change?

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