Do you know that you are Loved?

There are a few words that have become attached to me over the past years. I cling to them, exhume them, and force them to come alive in my own life until they become a part of me. “Intentional” is definitely one of those words. Far too often people have good intentions. We all wantContinue reading “Do you know that you are Loved?”

Mentoring: When is a Disciple Made? And When is it Over?

I consider and write about mentoring from the perspective of intentionally making disciples of Jesus, journeying with people to train, teach, and challenge them to follow Jesus Christ. It is a mentor’s responsibility to love and pray for those God has entrusted to her care. Through love and intercession, mentors teach disciples to love andContinue reading “Mentoring: When is a Disciple Made? And When is it Over?”

Mentoring: What Do You Get Out of It?

My Mentoring in the Marketplace post, prompted several online comments which caused me to first address the questions and expectations that mentors should have of mentees. Today, we are talking about what mentors get out of mentoring. I have already shared that the purpose of mentoring is not to control or manipulate others.