Mentoring Monday: God’s Gives Us Everything for a Life of Holiness

I’m honored to be at fellow Redbud Heather’s Blog today talking about mentoring: the labor, its joys, and how it can be an effective tool for racial reconciliation: ———————————————————– How has mentoring transformed you—both being mentored, and mentoring others? I was mentored by older women who had experienced bumps and cracks in their life, butContinue reading “Mentoring Monday: God’s Gives Us Everything for a Life of Holiness”

Mentoring Resources…Finally!

Long before my five part mentoring series, people have been asking me about mentoring resources. There simply was not much out there that impressed me (particularly for women). By now you know, I highly recommend Mentor Like Jesus by Regi Campbell. Additionally, I am listing several books which have been recommended to me. Please note:Continue reading “Mentoring Resources…Finally!”