Leadership: Multi-ethnic Small Groups

Diversity Helps Us Grow in Christlikeness. Christianity Today Smallgroups.com just published a leader’s guide for Multi-ethnic Small Groups which features my interview with founder of the Mosaix Global Network and Pastor, Mark DeYmaz. Here is an outline of leadership guide: Multiethnic Small Groups Matter Are we really “all one in Christ”? By Amy Jackson  Continue reading “Leadership: Multi-ethnic Small Groups”

Leadership: Diversity in Community Changes Us

When I posted “I Go to Church with White People” on my blog, I was nervous. It was the first piece I’d written about racial issues. As an African American woman raised in the black church in South Carolina, my choice to worship at a predominantly white church was not normal. God, however, opened myContinue reading “Leadership: Diversity in Community Changes Us”

A Rising Voice of Reconciliation in the Evangelical Community

I saw so pumped to interview Trillia Newbell for UrbanFaith Magazine! Trillia is the author of United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity. Check out our interview below: We were honored to include a book review of African American writer,Trillia Newbell’s first book titled,United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity. At UrbanFaith, we want to highlight andContinue reading “A Rising Voice of Reconciliation in the Evangelical Community”