White Supremacy Needs Black Redemption

In recent months, diverse groups of Christian leaders have spoken up against injustices against people of color and other oppressed people within our society. Beth Moore shared an open letter about the importance of women leaders and the misogyny and racism within American Evangelicalism. Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, alsoContinue reading “White Supremacy Needs Black Redemption”

HOT TOPIC: Why We Can’t Wait

Truth is: The past couple weeks have been filled with internal wrestling that include pain, hurt, and anger. I haven’t written much because I still don’t quite know what words to say. I understand that as a black woman, I am not alone in my suffering. I’ve been going before the Lord in prayer, readingContinue reading “HOT TOPIC: Why We Can’t Wait”

Book Review: Birmingham Revolution

In his new book, Birmingham Revolution: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Epic Challenge to the Church, Edward Gilbreath recaptures what we have lost in the sound bits of King’s words and by embracing the myth of a post-racial America. Gilbreath immediately sets the stage by dropping the readers into the world, thoughts, and racial realities ofContinue reading “Book Review: Birmingham Revolution”