“Christians Celebrating Black History” Series Summary

It’s been an honor to share from an African American perspective and encourage racial reconciliation through open dialog concerning race, ethnic, and cultural differences this month. I trust we will continue the conversation and champion the unity of all God’s people for the sake of his kingdom and to advance his great purposes throughout theContinue reading ““Christians Celebrating Black History” Series Summary”

Remembering Birmingham: Dr. Martin Luther King’s Letter to America – 50 Years Later

In our “Christians Celebrating Black History” Series, we have featured Edward Gilbreath’s book Reconciliation Blues by defining racial reconciliation and the challenge of being a black evangelical in a white man’s world, discussing America’s race issue and compliance of the American church, and pondering the connection between racial reconciliation and evangelism. Today, I share aContinue reading “Remembering Birmingham: Dr. Martin Luther King’s Letter to America – 50 Years Later”

Reconciliation Blues: Evangelistic Points to Ponder

Reconciliation Blues Part I: A First Look Reconciliation Blues Part II: America’s Race Issue & Compliance of the American Church We are continuing our “Christians Celebrating Black History Month” Series with the discussion of Edward Gilbreath’s book, Reconciliation Blues. When people ask me, “Why pursue Racial Reconciliation,” my short response is, “For the sake ofContinue reading “Reconciliation Blues: Evangelistic Points to Ponder”