Leader: Are you Weary in the Wilderness?

God uses the hard realities of life to expose our deepest fears and internal struggles. These experiences make us more self-aware so we can cultivate the spiritual disciplines necessary to lead ourselves and others well. Consider what happened to Moses, the humblest person on earth (Num. 12:3). After the people complained about their misfortunes yetContinue reading “Leader: Are you Weary in the Wilderness?”

An Invitation to Strengthen the Soul of Your Leadership

Why I picked up this book: A better question would be, “Why would I not pick up any book written by Ruth Haley Barton?” I have several books of hers and use them for “check-ins” with myself, to get a pulse on if I’m running too fast, need to listen more intently, or live moreContinue reading “An Invitation to Strengthen the Soul of Your Leadership”

The Wilderness and the Ordinary Life

What if the wilderness was not simply something to get over or go through, but actually a place to live? What if God asks us to firmly plant our feet in the wilderness and with the little faith, hope, truth, energy, love, and resources we have, water the dry desert? What if God simply called us to live in the ordinary?