Coffee Talk: Troubled Minds and the Church’s Mission

Sometimes we don’t want to talk about hard things. Then something like a September 11th or a Rwanda genocide crisis or the reality of those violently subjected to human trafficking comes right to our doorstep to remind us that we are not invincible and we are in desperate need of God’s grace…and such is theContinue reading “Coffee Talk: Troubled Minds and the Church’s Mission”

Stop all the Fighting: Leadership is About Gifts & Giving

I wanted to close out our Gifted to Lead discussion by featuring the voice of a woman with whom I share a passion. Amy Simpson understands that women are gifted to lead for God’s glory alone. Through her writing and editing at Christianity Today’s Gifted for Leadership, she leads and encourages women on this greatContinue reading “Stop all the Fighting: Leadership is About Gifts & Giving”

Are You Wearing the Wrong Clothes?

I’m up on Christianity Today’s Gifted for Leadership blog today: I like fashion. When I am away with my family and retreating on vacation from the mundanes of life, I gravitate to the style shows. One of my favorites is the show What Not to Wear. The show begins with a human project, someone whose lifeContinue reading “Are You Wearing the Wrong Clothes?”