Coffee Talk: Synergy is the Place to Be

Last weekend I was honored to attend the first Synergy Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas, TX. The weekend was full of reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones, and hanging with writing buddies (yeah, Gifted for Leadership and Redbud Writer’s Guild).

I’ve been connected to Synergy for several years (currently serving on the Board of Advisers) and remain passionate about the organization because of its core values of being kingdom minded, spiritually grounded, leader focused, community driven, authentically generous, and culturally progressive. The evangelical community needs Synergy and I trust that God has great things ahead! Women leaders need Synergy to continue as a safe place of education, encouragement, renewal, challenge, and hope.

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Are Women God’s Invisible Army?

I asked writer friend, teacher, theologian, and soon to be author, Halee Scott, to share from the perspective of women being warriors for God. First, she informed me of a woman who inspires her and someone we should all know.

Halee ScottHalee: One female leader that amazes me is Henrietta Mears. She wasn’t afraid to dream big dreams. She once said, “When I consider my ministry, I think of the world. Anything less than that would not be worthy of Christ, nor of his will for my life.” She was the “spiritual grandmother” to a few of those who founded and led the most prominent ministries the 20th century, including Campus Crusade for Christ, the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, Youth for Christ, the Navigators, and Young Life.

Then Halee was gracious enough to share her convictions and what God is teaching her about His army of women.


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