Series Introduction: God Cares About His Women

The good news for women is that God has allowed them to triumph in spite of those in power who desire to devalue them, silence them, marginalize their purpose, and hinder them from pursuing their calling. The good news is that when the enemy locks gates, tries to destroy your hope and end your life, God commands his angels concerning you—His women.

Servant Leadership: Harriet Ann Jacobs #BlackHistory

I am honored to include portions of Benjamin Lichtenwalner’s Black History Servant Leadership posts as features on Leadership Days (Wednesdays) of our Christians Celebrate Black History Series this month. Ben is the Founder of Modern Servant Leadership, adviser to, and Senior Manager of Internet and eCommerce at Whirlpool Corporation. The mission of Modern Servant Leadership isContinue reading “Servant Leadership: Harriet Ann Jacobs #BlackHistory”