Finding Faith in Freedom Fighting

I’m glad to have Sara Pomeroy sharing with us on the blog today. Sara is the Founder and Executive Director of the Richmond Justice Initiative. Here post is such an appropriate follow-up to yesterday’s post discussing discipleship and justice. It all starts here: I was on my way to this speaking engagement dragging my feetContinue reading “Finding Faith in Freedom Fighting”

Refuse to do Nothing: The Congo, Your Phone, and Child Slaves

Chapter 10:  How can you eat, how can you drink, How wear your finery, and ne’er think Of those poor souls, in bondage held, Whose painful labor is compelled? Anonymous This was perhaps one of the most difficult chapters in the book for me to read. It was difficult because it talks about the violenceContinue reading “Refuse to do Nothing: The Congo, Your Phone, and Child Slaves”

Refuse to do Nothing: Be the Nosy Neighbor #HumanTrafficking

The best defense against modern-day slavery is a vigilant public. Be a nosy neighbor. – Kevin Bale, The Slave Next Door Here is the truth: Thousands of immigrants be tricked into forced labor annually (94) “Victims of domestic servitude make up the 2nd-highest form of slavery in the US (95)” “Major food-buying corporations are profitingContinue reading “Refuse to do Nothing: Be the Nosy Neighbor #HumanTrafficking”