#RefuseToDoNothing Chapter 2 – We’ve Done This Before

Chapter 2 begins with a simple sentence. “Slavery isn’t new.” That short statement is both powerful and humbling. It is disheartening to read that “modern-day slavery is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world, with profits of more than $32 billion” and that eighty percent of the estimated twenty-seven million modern-day slaves are women andContinue reading “#RefuseToDoNothing Chapter 2 – We’ve Done This Before”

Say “No More Slavery”: IJM Advocacy Summit Report

Know the Facts:

Slavery is not over!

TODAY, an estimated 27 million children, men and women are held as forced labor slaves.

TODAY, there are nearly 2 million children exploited in the sex trade.

The Good News:

Humble Servants Stand for the Vulnerable and Pray

Humble Servants are people who look beyond themselves to see the needs of others. I have often shared my appreciation and support of the International Justice Mission (IJM). Most recently, several of you supported IJM by answering my call to participate in the 100 Postcard Challenge to end modern-day slavery. We signed 110 postcards toContinue reading “Humble Servants Stand for the Vulnerable and Pray”