#JusticeConfence2014: The Issues & The Questions

I was so thankful to participate in The Justice Conference simulcast a couple weekends ago. Like the previous year, my heart was broken, encouraged, and transformed as I listened to the speakers who shared their stories and the work of justice that God is doing all over the world. Let there be no doubt, pursuingContinue reading “#JusticeConfence2014: The Issues & The Questions”

Justice Chronicles: Immigration & Love for My Neighbor

I first wrote about the topic of immigration during the racial reconciliation series in 2012. In the post simply titled “Immigration,” I wrestled with my concerns as a Christian. Since that time, I have been paying attention to the many evangelical leaders who understand that immigration is a biblical justice issue and are therefore workingContinue reading “Justice Chronicles: Immigration & Love for My Neighbor”

Fasting for Biblical Justice

In his book titled Fasting, Scot McKnight writes that a grievous sacred moment is what prompts us to fast and that moment is often caused by severe pain, suffering, or sorrow, which often includes the oppression of the innocent. This sorrow prompts us to focused prayer and fasting. I entered a sun-up-to-sundown, water-only fast as partContinue reading “Fasting for Biblical Justice”