#Justice: The Dehumanization of Black Children

All of my life I have been surrounded by the faces of brown children. I love them. In many cases, they are no different than any other children. They like to eat, make messes, and play. As they grow, particularly if they are in safe, nourishing, and healthy environments, they also begin to dream. IContinue reading “#Justice: The Dehumanization of Black Children”

#JusticeConfence2014: The Issues & The Questions

I was so thankful to participate in The Justice Conference simulcast a couple weekends ago. Like the previous year, my heart was broken, encouraged, and transformed as I listened to the speakers who shared their stories and the work of justice that God is doing all over the world. Let there be no doubt, pursuingContinue reading “#JusticeConfence2014: The Issues & The Questions”

Dangerous Act: Injustice and The Problem of Misperceiving

Part 2: Seeing Chapter 3: The Problem of Misperceiving People in desperate circumstances do desperate things and rationalize each step along the way. – Mark Labberton  On Saturday, I attended a seminar on the Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary Charlotte campus where discussed the topic: Rich Church, Poor Church: Exploring Affluence and Poverty within the AmericanContinue reading “Dangerous Act: Injustice and The Problem of Misperceiving”