Coffee Talk: Watch Fruitvale Station

I was raised in the church. We spent almost every Sunday morning in worship service, followed by family dinner, and sometimes we would attend church events on Saturday afternoons, Sunday evenings, or other days in the week. I remember sitting in on conversations where older and wiser people discussed Christ, the church, family, and theContinue reading “Coffee Talk: Watch Fruitvale Station”

This Abolitionist Mama says We Should Get Mad About Sex Trafficking!

Featuring the voice and plea of Kimberly McOwen Yim today: The climate needs to change when it comes to women and girls in our world.  Enough is enough.  The commodification and objectification of women and girls – and even young boys – may we not forget the young boys – needs to end.  We canContinue reading “This Abolitionist Mama says We Should Get Mad About Sex Trafficking!”

A Letter for Injustice

Dear Brothers and Sisters, As I settled in several nights this weekend, I reflected on the injustices of our land. Friday marked the conclusion of my racial reconciliation series, and it has been quite eye opening concerning the racism and systematic injustices occurring everyday in America. Today, we all continue to struggle and make senseContinue reading “A Letter for Injustice”