God Has His Eyes on Women, So We Should Keep Our Eyes on Him

As I round out this month’s God Cares About His Women Series on Good Friday, it is only fitting that we rest at the feet of the cross. Women met Christ at the cross. Matthew’s account of the gospel records that “many women were there, watching from a distance. They had followed Jesus from Galilee to care for his needs (Matt. 27:55).”

From the beginning of time and what we refer to as the Christian faith, God had his eyes on women and women had their eyes on him. It has been my honor to share the stories of women of Christian faith throughout the Church’s history, and those who are sharing in their legacy today. I lock arms with them to stand against the schemes of the evil one and proclaim the good news that Jesus saves!

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Listen to Her: The Voice and Ministry of Women

Jenny Armstrong photoAs we near the end of our God Cares About His Women Series, I have been longing to share the fabulous writing of my friend and writing buddy, Jenny Armstrong. Jenny has written a couple thought provoking articles that I believe we should all read, contemplate, and then prayerfully take action.

She answers the question, “Why We Need More Women in Ministry,” at Relevant Magazine:

Women are leaving the church faster than men—and it’s time to bring them back.


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