Book Review: “Prophetic Lament” by @profrah

Prophetic Lament: A Call for Justice in Troubled Times To believe that the United States has assumed the mantle of blessing from Israel is a faulty assumption. Israel’s exceptionalism arises from God’s grace. There is no scriptural support that the United States has earned God’s favor as an exceptional nation. – Soong-Chan Rah Why IContinue reading “Book Review: “Prophetic Lament” by @profrah”

A Letter for Injustice

Dear Brothers and Sisters, As I settled in several nights this weekend, I reflected on the injustices of our land. Friday marked the conclusion of my racial reconciliation series, and it has been quite eye opening concerning the racism and systematic injustices occurring everyday in America. Today, we all continue to struggle and make senseContinue reading “A Letter for Injustice”

Wilderness: What Are the Things You Need to Grieve?

Caryn submits, “We need to acknowledge—cry out to God!—when life disappoints, when something important gets lost, and when we hurt because of it. And we need to give ourselves (and others) permission to grieve the lost of dreams, of the life we thought we’d have, of roles we longed for, of relationships we thought would always exist, or whatever we desired but haven’t gotten (5-6). [We need to grieve the lost of the] “not supposed to be’s” of my life.