Dangerous Act: Distorted Names

The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor

Chapter 10: Distorted Names

The Dangerous Act of Loving Your NeighborNigger. Homeless. Immigrant. Stupid. Spick. Slave. Harami. Prostitute. Butch. Poor. These stigmas can be assigned to people of a different gender, intelligence, race, disability, sexual orientation, economic class status or people group. Words like these have long histories and are excruciatingly offensive to some. When offenders name people in this way, they are essentially saying, “They (the devalued people group) are not worthy of equal status. And whatever makes them different from me is unacceptable in my community.” Generally, when people use these words, it is for the purpose of causing harm, de-valuing, and inflicting pain on another person.

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Coffee Talk: Synergy is the Place to Be

Last weekend I was honored to attend the first Synergy Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas, TX. The weekend was full of reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones, and hanging with writing buddies (yeah, Gifted for Leadership and Redbud Writer’s Guild).

I’ve been connected to Synergy for several years (currently serving on the Board of Advisers) and remain passionate about the organization because of its core values of being kingdom minded, spiritually grounded, leader focused, community driven, authentically generous, and culturally progressive. The evangelical community needs Synergy and I trust that God has great things ahead! Women leaders need Synergy to continue as a safe place of education, encouragement, renewal, challenge, and hope.

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